Welcome to Clubsquad !!

Do you like football? Do you want to show others that you know what you are talking about? Then you've just knocked at the right door!

ClubSquad?! What is it?

Clubsquad is a game in which you can buy till 5 football teams in the biggest European championships. These teams will get you points depending on their results in their championships and in European cups.
Throughout the season, their results will alter their market value. You can then decide to sell or buy an other team whenever you want.
Each month, you will earn or lose money depending on your teams' current value compared to the price you bought them.
Be careful then, a big club must have a good season to bring you money! If it misses its season, it's value will greatly decrease while a great season for a little club will get its value high.

The goal of the game is to be the one with the most points. There will be ranking by month, season and in general.

What will be your strategy?
Will you choose to buy a little club that will be likely to get you little points but can increase in value if it performs better than expected (thus bringing you a good amount of points) to be able to sell it and buy bigger teams later or do you prefer to buy a solid value team to have some sort of assurance to score points? Maybe a little bit of both?

Want to know more? Follow the Tutorial link to have deeper explanation on the game.

Where can I register?

You have decided to try this game?
Then follow the registration link, it's free!

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Clubsquad... Have fun above all