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How to play

There is 3 ways for teams to score points:
  • Each time they win or draw a championship match:
    • 30 points for a win for (33 for German and Portuguese championships as they have less rounds)
    • 10 points for a draw (11 for German and Portuguese championships as they have less rounds)
  • Each time they qualify for the next European cup tour
  • At the end of the season, depending on their championship ranking

The European cups are the competition that gives the more points to the team especially when they go far in the competition.
Thus, you make points each time one of the team of your squad makes points. When you buy a team, you don’t get its current amount of points but you will get the points the team scores from that time (except for the championship ranking points: the points you score are in proportion to the number of days each team belonged to you).
This gives way to a lot of strategies that we will let you discover…

You can check your points in the sections my account and transaction and you can check your ranking in the section ranking.
You start the game with 250M.
There is 2 ways to earn (or lose…) money:
  • By buying/selling teams (see the transaction section)
  • At the end of each week, a team brings you money if its value is higher than the value you bought it and you will lose money if its value has decreased since

A team value varies depending on its results. If a team performs better than the last years, its value will grow while a team having results worse than previous seasons will lose value. Thus, a big team will not necessarily get you a lot of money. You have more chance to get money with less valued team as they have more room to progress.
You then have to be careful with the big teams: they will probably get you more points but they are more likely to have you lose money (hey, big players have big wages right?).
Thus this game is not only about getting the bigger team but rather about finding the right equilibrium between having good teams that scores big points and spot the teams that will perform better than usual this season.
Be careful: if your balance is negative at the end of the month and you don’t get positive at the end-of-month calculation, you will be declared bankrupt! This means that you will lose all your teams, you will lose 20% of your points and you will start over with a budget of 250M minus the money you owed at the end of the month (if you bankrupted with -25M in the balance, you will start over with 225M instead of 250). Even if you lead the game easily and have big teams, be careful not to go bankrupt… You might see the competition pass you by…

Let’s see who will be the best at it…


Home sweet home... This page is probably the one you landed on the first time. Do you remember that moment ? Never forget the first contact ! Well, anyway, it shouldn't be of much use for you now as it's only the presentation page.
This page allows you to view the details of the different competitions on which the game is relying to have the team's points (and then yours) and value evolve. You can display the results of the last round, the next round and the ranking of the teams for the following competitions:
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • Premier League (English 1st division championship)
  • Liga (Spanish 1st division championship)
  • Bundesliga (German 1st division championship)
  • Serie A (Italian 1st division championship)
  • Ligue 1 (French 1st division championship)
  • Liga Sagres (Portuguese 1st division championship)

The results and ranking are updated every night.
You can create an account there. To create an account, you need to fill in:
  • A username. The username is the name you will be given in the game
  • An email address. This address will be used to validate your account. It will also be used if you have lost your password or to send you the news of the game if you choose to be informed by clicking the be informed option
  • Your first name (optional)
  • Your last name (optional)
  • Your country. This will be used to choose your language or if ranking by country must be used.
  • Be informed. Tick it if you want to receive news by email.
Use this page to connect to your account. Fill in your username and password to do so. If you forgot your pssword, click the forgot my password link and after you give your email address an email will be sent to reinitialize it.

Some pages will only be accessible when you are connected.
This page is only accessible when you are connected.
Through this page, you can create and manage your squad. You can have a maximum of 5 teams in your squad. Here you have information on your balance, the points you scored this month, this season and since you registered. In the next section (My teams), you can see the teams in your squad along with information on them:
  • The price you bought them,
  • Their current value,
  • Their value at the end of last season,
  • The amount you will earn or pay at the end of the month if the team’s value doesn’t change,
  • The points scored since the season started,
  • The points they scored last season,
  • ...

You can sell a team by clicking the sell action of a team. When selling a team, you will receive back only 98% of the current team's value.

Then you have a filter section that allows you to filter the teams you want to display when looking for a team to buy. The teams are displayed below the filter.
You also have information for all the teams and can buy one by clicking the buy action. You can't buy a team if you already have 5 teams in your squad.
Your account information can be checked through this page.
This page allows you to see your ranking along with those ranked just before and just after you. You can see the ranking for the month, for the season and since the account was created.
The challenge's current results will be displayed on this page. Challenges can change from one month to another but unless mentioned otherwise, the principle is that a Challenge will be devided into several periods (basically 4: first round, quarterfinal, semifinal and final). To access to the next round, you need to be amoung the best players during the current period: 16 players qualifies for the quarterfinal, 8 for the semifinal and 4 for the final.
You can enter your trophy room there. There is 3 types of trophies to win:
  • Month trophies
  • Season trophies
  • Challenge trophies
For each category, a trophy will be given to the 3 first players.
A question ? A remark ? Do you need help ? This is where it's done.
Invite a friend to come play with you. This page will allow you to send an email to a friend. By using the link he'll receive, your referral code will be used.

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** Special ** Euro 2016

This is the page where the cup's results will be displayed.
This is where you can bet on the next matches. You have access to the matchs that will be played during the next 7 days until 5 minutes before the match starts. Don't forget to click the submit button !
If you want a place when you can compare to your friends, this page is made for you. A private challenge is simply a room where you only see your ranking and the one of your friends. Here you can create or join a private challenge. You can only participate to one challenge. Once created or joined, you will see the ranking of all the members of your challenge in this page. If you created the challenge, you will be given a code on that page that you need to pass to the friends that you want to add to your challenge. If you have been invited, you must have receive a code to register to the challenge. Be careful, if you delete the challenge you have created, all those who joined it will be kicked off too.
The general ranking will be displayed here.